Texprocess Frankfurt 2024 Highlights

Wrapping up another fantastic week in Germany with some photo highlights from the show.

Our full range of button wrapping machines were on display including the buttonfuse solo, buttonfuse classic (a.k.a MK11), and buttonfuse mini (a.k.a MK6). We were also very excited to officially launch the buttonfuse revolver, a super fast button wrapping machine designed specifically for shirts and blouses.

With all of our machines we recommend using MMS heat sealing TF thread which is now spooled on recyclable cardboard cones with the new MMS buttonfuse branding. Spot the ‘tree of thread’ below showing the full colour range.

A huge thanks to everyone who made the effort to visit us. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

Garment Technology Bangladesh 2024

Our MMS Dhaka office were at GTB again this year for another fantastic exhibition week in the Bangladesh capital. Stealing the show was the brand new buttonfuse® revolver, a button wrapping machine engineered for shirt makers who require the fastest and most efficient machine for high volume button wrapping. We also demonstrated the buttonfuse® solo T, an all-round machine, capable of wrapping any type of button with ease.

If you require more information about button wrapping in Bangladesh, Papon, our Sales Manager based in Dhaka is always happy to help.

Showcasing the latest buttonfuse® technology at DTG Bangladesh 2023

Thank you to everyone for joining us at this years Dhaka International Textile & Garment Machinery Exhibition. Our Bangladesh sales manager, Papon & senior technician, Riyad did a fantastic job presenting the latest buttonfuse® machines and eco-friendly TF thread. It was also great to have MMS CEO, Mason experience such a busy week on the MMS stand. Looking forward to our next exhibition and meeting many more honourable customers.

Exhibiting our BRAND NEW Revolver machine in Bangalore

The Sewing Systems team of Tushar, Carlos and Akash unveiled the new MMS buttonfuse revolver machine at the Garment Technology Expo in Bangalore. The machine was greeted with great enthusiasm by the crowds that visited the booth as everyone likes to see progress. The machine is a simple but significant variation on the buttonfuse solo as it eradicates the need for an operator to lift out a wrapped button. This means that the operator can naturally load buttons in a continually downwards motion therefore speeding up production and reducing fatigue.

Check out our Video exhibition here…

2022 Exhibition from our hub in the UK

Since we are conscious about keeping our carbon footprint as low as possible we decided that making this years pilgrimage to Texprocess in Frankfurt was actually something that could be easily be done on line therefore we have spent the time developing our 2022 virtual exhibition. This was actually a good excuse for us to show off our latest range of superb button fuse machines and thread and hopefully the quality and performance of the products come across just as well as if you were stood on a real exhibition stand. An added advantage of this type of exhibition is that more detailed videos and information for any particular item can instantly be accessed simply by clicking on the link.

Check out our Video exhibition here…

‘Taking the show on the road’

In the new world of less people travelling to fairs we decided that we should have an ‘exhibition on wheels’ taking our new range of button fuse products on the road to do on site demonstrations around our customers in Europe (and maybe beyond!). Conscious of the environmental impact of buying a new vehicle we decided to find a rusty old VW T3 and bring it back to life and convert it into a modern vehicle. This will be fully fitted out so that we can conveniently showcase the latest buttonfuse products that we have been developing over the past few years. This van will also be perfect as our service and installation vehicle. It is scheduled to be on the road in June (and maybe outside your factory very soon).

Check out our Instagram to follow our rebuild and van journey

MMS ProStitch Machine

Our latest template stitching machine with cloth trimming!

The machine guides templates as it sews and the high speed cutting knife pairs off the fabric.

Perfect for bow tie production, epaulettes, collars and other small part manufacture.

Completely de-skills the operation.

Ensures consistent quality.

Please open article to view video.