pioneers + innovators of button
fuse technology since 1994

In 1997 MMS designed and patented the first fully automatic button shank wrapping machine for use with Ascolite TF thread. This machine was called the MK 7 and it was successfully marketed by both Ascolite and MMS until 2001. The need for a more portable machine led to the development of the MK 8 which was the next machine to be introduced around the world by MMS and Ascolite.

As button wrapping became more the norm for shirt buttons a high-speed narrow machine was developed by MMS which was called the MK 10. It was possible to use this machine in tandem so as to enable the operator to wrap two buttons at one time. This was a neat idea but in practice the operator could not introduce two buttons at one time so in 2009 the sophistication of the narrow machine was dropped in favour of the MK 11. The MK 11 was a true workhorse and was enthusiastically received by both Ascolite and MMS customers for many years. In fact, the MK 11 was such a favourite it remains in the MMS range until this day.

Working together MMS and Ascolite introduced automated button wrapping to the world market. During this time every automatic machine bearing the Ascolite / MMS branding was manufactured in the MMS factory in Leeds, UK.

The two companies now work independently of each other with Ascolite offering Italian made machines.

With the experience gained over 25 years of designing wrapping machines MMS have now developed the world beating buttonfuseĀ® range which incorporate all the best features of previous models combined with the latest technology and design.